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Comprehensive Bristol Roofing Services


BS3 Roofing Bristol provide a comprehensive range of professional roofing services for: flat roofs, tiled roofs and slate roofs and lead flashing.

From your first phone call regarding your bristol re-roofing, bristol roof refurbishment, or repair to your roof you’ll find the team at BS3 Roofing Bristol knowledgeable and professional to work with, guaranteed.

Our professional approach is always the same: a good job and at the right price, with customer satisfaction as our priority. Our Bristol Roofing team have all the necessary skills and experience required to replace, repair and refurbish roof coverings and entirely re-roof properties.

Check below a list at some of our services for more information.

Bristol Roof Repairs


From Roof repairs to full Roof Renovations, BS3 Roofing offer a high quality and professional service.
We specialise in lasting repair of all types of roofing including:

  • Tile roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Guttering, downpipes
    Sheet metal: profiled steel, aluminium, lead work, zinc, copper
  • Flashings
  • Clay tiles
  • Inter-locking concrete tiles
  • Fibre-cement slates
  • Ridge tiles, ridge capping, hipped roofs
  • Roofline – dry-verge, soffits, fascias, bargeboards & cladding

Wherever possible, roofs will be repaired using like for like materials.

In many cases full re-roofing may not be necessary when a professional repair is undertaken. Areas such as chimney flashing’s and pointing, valley channels, gutters, roof verges, ridges and hips can normally be repaired without the need to fully re-roof a property.

Flat roofs can often fail without warning. Failures often occur either through poor workmanship or age and thermal movement. 

Bristol Roof Maintenance


By choosing to maintain your roof you can plan phases of roof development work to match your financial budget.

Residential Roofing Customers

To spread the cost of home roof renewal or refurbishment we can prioritise the work to be carried out. This ensures that you roof is improved to the agreed specification over a period of time by our expert roofers.

Commercial Roofing Developments

Commercial properties roofs are sometimes extensive and workplaces may comprise a number of buildings or buildings in various locations – such as pubs and hotels, with a combination of different industrial roofs.

bs3-roofing-bristol-flat-roofing-singleply (2)

Singleply Roofing Specialists


BS3 Roofing are specialists in the application of Singleply Roofing Solutions. Single Ply roofing membrane is made of a synthetic plastic which is ideal for a new construction or the upgrading of an existing flat roof or to increase the roofs lifespan.

The Flame Free application technology gives you ‘insurance friendly’ roofing solutions without compromising cost-efficiency of installation or aesthetic appeal as well as being ideal on complex building shapes or where drilling and mechanical fastening is inappropriate.

Single ply membranes are strong, flexible sheets composed predominately of synthetic polymers and are sealed at joints to form continuous waterproofing when combined with insulation and continuous support they form complete, durable roof systems.

Single Ply systems are resistant to weathering, chemical oxidation and UV radiation, requiring no additional surface protection unless used for access or are used in ‘protected membranes’ and Green Roof Systems.

Cotswold Stone Roof Repairs


Bristol BS3 Roofing provide specialist natural stone roofing repairs and installations.

Stone roofings enhances the outstanding character of numerous areas of the country, and this is especially so throughout the Cotswolds where many of these buildings will need roof repairs, roof maintenance or roof replacement in Gloucestershire.

There’s nothing quite like a Cotswold stone roof. It will last a lifetime and can be left for decades on one side before being turned and reused, making your roof look like new again.

Why choose BS3 Roofing Bristol for your stone roof?
We pride ourselves on our speedy, efficient and professional stone roofing service which, we think, is unmatched. It’s our goal to offer the home owners a stone roofing service at an affordable price.

Those looking for a new stone roof installation, our customers will tell you, we take absolute pride in every project we undertake, no matter how big or small. So if it’s a simple stone roof repair you require or a complete new stone roof you can trust us to deliver your roofing project just as you want it.

Bristol Felt Roofing


Looking for better waterproof roofing systems? At BS3 Roofing Bristol, our professional installations ensure that your roof can remain leak free in all kinds of weather, which will keep you dry and also saving money!

We use only the best modern materials for your roof. Our felt is treated with bitumen and a few layers are then placed over the roof insulation. Once the felt has been bonded to the roof, it can then be covered with tiles or chippings. Your new weatherproof roof will be secure and ready for stormy weather. If you are interested in a felt roofing system, then contact us today for more information.

Long-Life Felt Roofs
Our felt roofs are made to have a long life. However, many roofs generally wear with age and so we also offer a repair service. We can repair your roof and make it look like new, as our skills and experience will get the job done efficiently and within your budget. BS3 Roofing install quality and durable roofing solutions to both residential and commercial buildings, and we can talk you through all of your roofing options.

EPDM Roof Installations


EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, and it is a strong and durable synthetic rubber. It is a material that is used around the world for flat roofs, and BS3 Roofing can bring this service to you.

Why Choose EPDM Roofing?
EPDM roofing installations have a wide range of benefits. This global roofing solution is watertight and completely dependable, making it the perfect choice for your property. It is also resistant to moss and algae, and it can last through extreme temperatures and weather. Despite its strength, the rubber is also very lightweight and flexible, making it easy and fast to install for our roofing contractors.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing
If you are looking for environmentally friendly roofing, then look no further than a EPDM roof.

EPDM’s properties stay stable no matter its age, and so the rubber does not give off any harmful pollutants. This means you could even collect the rainwater, and it will be safe to use! This long-lasting material also has surface granules that will not fall off, ensuring that little bits of rubber will not be going down your drains. This roofing solution stands the test of time with research showing that it can last for 50 years. Our environmentally friendly roofs are always fitted to our customers’ satisfaction, as we promise efficient and affordable roofing that can transform any building.

Bristol Liquid Roofing Service


If you require liquid plastic roofing in Bristol, look no further. We deliver this professional service throughout Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds, Bath beyond.

Compatible with a range of buildings, liquid plastic is an excellent solution to any repair problems, and it produces a brilliantly clean and shiny end result. With years of experience, our professional team can fit your new roof for a very affordable price.

This material has many benefits and features that will make it a suitable choice for you. These include:

  • It creates a seamless roofing membrane.
  • The material is strong, durable and waterproof.
  • It is perfect for odd-shaped roofs or those with difficult access.
  • Ideal for getting in tricky places or going around skylights.
  • These roofs can withstand thermal and structural changes.
  • They are resistant to foot traffic and pollutants in the air.
  • It is also a very safe material due to its anti-slip surface.

Bristol Tiling & Slating


BS3 Roofing in Bristol have been slating and tiling roofs in Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire for many years. We are experts in laying and repairing tiles and slate. whether you are looking to repair or replace your tiles, our professional fitters can take on the task.

We know the importance of keeping your property in a great condition. Roofs with high-quality slating or tiling adds value to the property.

Slate Roof Refurbishment
A refurbishment is an overhaul of an existing slate roof. Our specialised roofers produce a free roof survey that provides detail and photographs about any slate roof problems and any roofing repairs required.

Refurbishment may focus on part of the roof due to local defects or the entire roof – necessary once the entire slate covering has reached the end of its useful life.

At BS3 Roofing, we have the highest qualified installers who have many years of roofing experience required to correctly and efficiently install both modern and traditional roof tiles, roofing systems and roofers materials.

We have the necessary roofing skills and experience required to undertake the largest scale tile roofing projects such as the reroofing of stately homes, schools and hospital properties and the refurbishment of historic buildings such as town halls.

Roof Re-Tiling
Roof leaks, wet exterior walls, cracked, damaged ceilings and missing tiles, cracked tiles, deteriorated tiles and slipped tiles are some of the symptoms of a tile roof that requires roof repair, roof maintenance, retiling or reroofing.

Retiling a roof is necessary when the existing tiles reach the end of their useful life.

Bristol Cladding & Sheeting


BS3 Roofing are able to carry out all industrial cladding & Sheeting services including: single skin, double skin, composite panel, standing seam and over-cladding systems.

BS3 Roofing Bristol’s roofers we have proved we are the leader in the field of commercial and industrial roofing by the quality of service and workmanship we produce in the area of metal roof cladding.

Kingspan cladding and coated metal cladding are both superior, durable products that are designed to protect, control and enhance your roof. The styles and colours are attractive and varied.

The existing cladding remains in place and a new spacer bar system is put in place to support the new cladding. Clients have the option of adding insulation between the two cladding sheets to reduce heat lose through the cladding wall. Over-cladding allows for a roof to be refurbished while the client can continue with normal operations.

Strip and Re-Sheet
Strip and re-sheeting a roof is becoming more common for clients who want to remove Asbestos cement from their buildings.
The main benefits of Strip and Re-Sheeting are:

  • Asbestos safely removed from your building.
  • Improved aesthetic look both internally and externally.

Commercial Roofing Services


At BS3 Roofing Bristol we are offering Commercial and Industrial Roofing services across Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wilteshire, Oxfordshire and Devon.

We provide roofing, re-roofing, refurbishment, and repair solutions to commercial property, industrial and units and new building development, landlords, maintenance companies, hospitality sector – hotels, pubs and inns, retail units and industrial enterprises, you name it we roof it.

From your first phone call you’ll find us an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional company, a company that fully understands timescales and how one job can impact several others down the line.